6/26/2012 01:05:00 PM

5 Crazy, Weird, Delicious Pizza Toppings in LA

Brazilian-style dessert pizza, anyone?
It's been a long time since pizza moved beyond flat crust, tomato sauce and cheese. From the day Ed LaDou and Wolfgang Puck put smoked salmon and crème fraîche on a pizza, you can get just about anything on top of a pie - barbecue chicken, bulgogi, pastrami, oysters, mochi, mayo, strawberries (not all at once...we hope). There are cultural renditions - some of the most creative pizzas in LA are now found in Little Tokyo and Koreatown - and traditionalists who found inspiration from other parts of the menu. Today we honor those without restraint, the chefs who say, "Wonder how this would taste on a pizza?" Here are five spots for some of the most unusual, and yet somehow still delicious, toppings in town.
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