6/06/2012 10:37:00 AM

Where to Dine by the Water in Boston

Rowes Wharf Sea Grille offers a new to-go option on the terrace.
Bostonians covet their waterfront dining. Here are our picks with front-row seats. Let us know your favorites.


  1. Seriously? Anthony's Pier 4? They haven't even changed the uniforms in 30 years. The place is absolutely disgusting. The only redeeming factor is the location - everything else is SAD.

    1. I agree, but would go even further. The ONLY reason to select Anthony's is nostalgia. Did the reviewer who put together this list, actually taste the food???

    2. Anthony's Pier 4? How? Why? Yuk.

  2. You forgot The Inn at Baypoint!
    Order Baked Stuff Lobster or the Fried Clams...you will not be disapointed. Get there early and sit on the very popular deck.

  3. The secret to appreciating the food at Tavern on the Water is booze ... and lots of it! I've been there twice (only once by choice) and found that the people who enjoyed the food were at least 4 sheets to the wind. I think the food might also appeal to rescued castaways if they've gone at least a week without anything to eat.
    Again, I have to ask whether the reviewer has ever tasted decent food ... this joints Zagat rating is 12!