6/11/2012 03:57:00 PM

Vagrant at the Yacht Club Starts Tonight, Bar Menu Revealed

By Lesley Balla
There is a progression to opening a restaurant these days: A chef gets an idea, and if no backers, he or she can host private dinners, launch a food truck or do a bunch of pop-ups. After working in kitchens like Son of a Gun and Animal, a few months ago chef Miles Thompson launched The Vagrancy Project, an underground supper club he hosted in his own apartment. Now you can find him at Vagrant at the Yacht Club, his summer residency at Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park, (almost) every Monday and Tuesday night, starting tonight. There's a prix fixe menu ($70) on offer, plus cocktails courtesy Nathan Oliver (Harvard & Stone, ink.), and wine or beer for pairings ($50 extra).

The multi-course menu changes weekly and is usually kept under wraps until showtime, but Thompson gave us a sneak peek at the extra bar menu, which is a la carte.

Chorizo Grapefruit – Robiola – Toast $7

Cuttlefish Flagolet – Peppers – Purlsane $12

Rillete du Porc Romaine – Pretzel – Caesar $12

Quail Rhubarb – Kuromitsu – Lime $14


Pig Tail & Sirloin Poppy – Sumac – Cracklin’ $30 

Rack of Pork Fromage Blanc – Steelhead Roe – Dandelion $30

Vagrant at the Yacht Club is located at 1324 Echo Park Ave. To reserve a spot, email vagrantayc@gmail.com. Dinner service starts at 6 PM; walk-ins are also welcome.


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