6/28/2012 06:41:00 PM

The Urban Oven: Food Truck of the Week (Pizza Edition)

A man and his pie
We have fleet of food trucks in LA serving everything from Indian dosas to Danger Dogs, but there aren't many serving pizza, especially wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza. The Fox Pizza Truck is already roaming the streets, and in about two weeks, The Urban Oven will be joining it. Owner Scott Tremonti spent a lot of time dining at renowned Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, which began his love affair with wood-fired artisan pizzas. He had bought a wood-burning oven trailer in Seattle and started perfecting recipes for dough, sauce and toppings, and since he's been back in LA (he's originally from Palos Verdes), Tremonti's been catering private events while the truck was built.

In addition to the wood-fueled oven inside the truck, the exterior is painted in chalkboard paint, so you can draw on it while you wait for your pies. More roaming art trucks, please! Tremonti makes a classic margherita, of course, but also plays with various salumi, cheeses and seasonal ingredients, like truffle pepperoni with sweet onions, or blueberries with smoked mozzarella and bacon. Those lucky enough to try his pies (*cough*Steven Spielberg*cough*) are raving. Prices hover around $8-$10 per pie, and there will be combos with homemade sodas (think: cucumber-mint, lemonade-rosemary and ginger beer). Look for the truck around mid-July - keep up with launch details on Facebook and Twitter.

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