6/08/2012 03:18:00 PM

Tyler Florence’s Rotisserie and Wine Gives Up the Ghost

And then there was one.
By Meesha Halm
Restaurant closures are not a unique phenomenon, but it always takes us by surprise when a celebrity-backed venture goes under. But if seems that despite his TV reach, brand power and corporate manpower (not to mention photogenic looks), Food Network’s Tyler Florence has had to pull the brakes on his casual Napa outpost Rotisserie & Wine. If you recall, the engagement was longer than the marriage, as diners waited almost a year for TyFlo to open up his casual wine country kitchen, which was billed as an anchor tenant for Downtown Napa’s revitalized river walk development. His neighbor was another high-profile boob tube talent - Mashaharu Morimoto.

But after a mere year and half, news has broken Rotisserie & Wine, which closed last winter for a supposed hiatus and remodel, will not reopen after all. According to The Chronicle, TyFlo has said, “We just want to consolidate and focus our efforts on our other two restaurants, Wayfare Tavern and El Paseo.” Curiously, he doesn’t mention Hawk’s Tavern, his funky small plates gastropub in Mill Valley, that also remains open. Additionally, the Rotisserie & Wine outpost at San Francisco airport’s Terminal 2 will also continue to operate. Looks like Napa visitors looking to brush elbows with famous chefs will have to head to Morimoto Napa.


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