6/06/2012 02:55:00 PM

Starbucks in Hot Water Over Irish Twitter Gaffe

Image via Flickr/gray_eminence
Ruh roh - a mis-posted tweet on Starbucks Ireland's twitter feed yesterday invited Irish followers to "show us what makes you proud to be British" in honor of Britain's recent Queen's Jubilee celebration. Yikes. Not surprisingly, the faux pas incited some nasty tweets from Irish followers who were obviously upset over Starbucks' seeming lack of sensitivity for the political identity of Irish citizens. Within hours of the tweet's posting, Starbucks issued an apology and then later, this statement: "First and foremost we apologise to our Irish customers for the mistake made on Twitter this afternoon. "The tweet, which was only meant to be sent to our British Twitter followers as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations, was erroneously posted to our Irish Twitter page. "We apologise to all our customers and followers on Twitter in Ireland and hope that they will forgive our mistake." Read the whole story here.


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