6/05/2012 04:00:00 PM

Smashburger Brings LA Fusion Burger to Thousand Oaks in July

Another spicy Smashburger creation
In more burger news, the sizzling Smashburger will be smashing into the Los Angeles area for the first time this summer. For the uninitiated, Smashburger is known for smashing Certified Angus Beef on a flat-top grill, and then topping it with all sort of crazy ingredients. Each city seems to get their own signature burger, and LA is no different: the "LA Fusion" will be a mess of crispy wontons, a fried egg, cilantro, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and Japanese steakhouse ginger dressing on a sesame seed bun. There will also be a black-bean burger with cilantro, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack, sour cream and spicy chipotle mayo. Oh, and a wedge of lime. Look for Smashburger's debut at 650 N. Moorpark Rd. in Thousand Oaks on July 11.

[Photo via Facebook]


  1. Correct address should be 650 N. Moorpark, not 6500.

  2. Thanks. Corrected. Sometimes my fingers do the walking ...