6/14/2012 03:34:00 PM

Should Restaurants Be Allowed To Serve Brunch Before Noon?

Should tables stay empty until noon? 
Here's an issue that we never thought would be worth debating:  did you know that it's illegal for restaurants for restaurants to serve brunch in their outdoor cafes before noon on Sunday? Neither did we - a walk down any city street at 11AM on the weekend shows just how many restaurants care about this issue (none, to be precise). It turns out that this archaic law has been on the books since 1971, and some restaurants in Greenpoint have received citations recently after residents have complained about crowded sidewalks.

City Room has word that a bill has been introduced in the City Council to repeal the law. The real thing to watch out for during Sunday AM is surly New Yorkers who haven't had their coffee, not people enjoying alfresco brunch. What do you think - does this law have any merit whatsoever?


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