6/25/2012 05:30:00 PM

Quote of the Day: Guy Fieri Owns 120 Pairs of Sunglasses

Photo by Scott Gries, Getty Images

"I own 120 pairs of sunglasses. I wear them all the time, but I’m not a sunglass cord kind of person. I could fold them in my shirt, but if I go to stir something in the kitchen, then whoop, where did they go? And I don’t want to wear them on top of my hair — then they get [hair] wax on them — so one day I just put them on the back of my head. There was no real design about how it all came about.”

-Guy Fieri shares his favorite NY places in a recent profile with the NY Post, one of which being the Sunglass Hut, which he elaborates on in the quote above. 

PS, you can customize your own Guy Fieri with various hair, sunglass and beard options and more on his website. [NYP]


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