6/18/2012 02:23:00 PM

Philadelphia Secret Bar Guide: 10 Hidden Watering Holes

There’s never been a better time to go out for a drink in Philadelphia. From beer halls stocked with mind-boggling assortments of craft brew to cocktail houses shaking up Prohibition-era classics, Philly’s bar scene is hopping. For an evening off the beaten path, check out these 10 hidden gems, from snazzy newcomers to old-school standbys (be forewarned: quite a few of the latter are cash only).


  1. i'm a regular at a few of these places. you guys did absolutely no work to learn about them. please do more than regurgitate half-assed articles which we already have access to online. thanks for nothing...

  2. I whole-heartedly disagree with "Anonymous". Zagat's ability to aggregate dubious information compiled from overly homogenous and (at times) outright incestuous sources embodies the enviable vitality of the always accurate and informative nature of the unchecked modern online media. Kudos, Zagat. You pursue excellence with one hand behind your back.

  3. LOL...the last commentor should tie both hands behind his back.