6/25/2012 03:20:00 PM

Open Call: What Is Your Favorite Neighborhood Pizza Joint?

This week, we're spending some extra time looking at all things pizza, but we don't want all the same pie slingers to get all the attention. Yeah, Keste, Roberta's, Co. and all the rest of the popular spots are really swell, but New Yorkers eat at random neighborhood joints far more often. We want to call out those neighborhood gems - from the tiny hole-in-the-wall where you score lunch in Midtown, to the LES pie shops that are filled to the brim in the wee hours of the morning as folks tipsily eat the dinner they should have had hours before. Let us know about your favorite pizza joints in the comments or by emailing jmulcahy@zagat.com, and stay tuned for a round-up of these pizza gems later this week.

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