6/04/2012 05:30:00 PM

The Oinkster Kicks Off Burger Week, Red Castle Sliders Today

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then The Oinkster has high affection for places like White Castle, Jack in the Box and the Grill 'Em All truck. Today the Eagle Rock "slow food, fast" restaurant embarks on its second annual Burger Week, which features a different burger each day through June 10. The burgers are all recreations of classic American burgers like the Sourdough Jack and Big Mac. For the launch today, you'll find the White Castle knock-offs, Red Castle Sliders.

Just for the fun of it, you will receive a pin for consuming the burger of the day - collect all seven and you'll get a limited edition Burger Week T-shirt. Also today only, the full-color bound 'zine Pig Candy 2 is available for purchase at the restaurant. It's chock-full of burger-inspired art work created by Paul Frank, Travis MIllard, and the Hot Knives guys, to name a few. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, June 4: Red Castle Sliders
Tuesday, June 5: 2 x 4 ( Piggy Style optional)
Wednesday, June 6: Northeast Bacon Cheeseburger
Thursday, June 7: Grill Em’ All Takeover
Friday, June 8: Sourdough Josh
Saturday, June 9: Pork Adobo Burger
Sunday, June 10: The Big Max

Find daily Burger Week updates on The Oinkster's Facebook page.

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