6/21/2012 10:28:00 AM

Off-the-Radar Beer Hall Operating Out Of NY Historical Society

There’s a new beer hall in town, and believe it or not, it’s tucked away deep in the New York Historical Society on the Upper West Side.

This cool, very-off-the-radar watering hole is an extension of the “Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History” exhibit that’s running at the museum from now until September 2. After you’ve looked at all sorts of interesting artifacts – from colonial-era bathroom graffiti to anti-Prohibition ads to 1960s beer cans – you can pop into the beer hall for a brew or two, plus unlimited free pretzels.

Different beers from different local breweries – including Brooklyn Brewery, Heartland Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company and Keegan Ales – are available each day for $8 each (in addition to the cost of museum admission, but, hey, you learned something, right?). Every Saturday, the hall hosts special beer tastings guided by local brewers for $35/person, too.

Check out the tastings schedule here and don’t forget to write something clever on one of the chalkboard walls when you visit (170 Central Park W., 212-873-3400).


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