6/06/2012 02:03:00 PM

New Nightlife at Fairmont Miramar: The Bungalow Opens in July

The lounge, rendered
Brent Bolthouse is known for opening nigthclubs like Trousdale, Hyde and Foxtail - SBE-infused places usually seen on The Hills - places that don't usually don't travel west of La Cienega. In July, however, he'll debut The Bungalow, a free-standing cottage on the grounds of the Fairmont Miramar hotel. Designed by Studio Collective, the space is Baja California-inspired, with lush gardens, ocean views and lots of cozy outdoor space strewn with lanterns and fire pits. It will often be used for private events and intimate Industry parties, but some nights it will be open to the public (walk-ins, even). Bolthouse wants it to be just another neighborhood hang, you know, for the locals. The bonus is a menu of small bites supplied by chef Ray Garcia, in case FIG in the hotel isn't exclusive enough for you. The Bungalow is located at 101 Wilshire Boulevard.

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  1. To the person who wrote this,
    The article reads "Bolthouse wants it to be just another neighborhood hang, you know, for the locals". This is definitely not true. I live in Santa Monica. We wanted to try this place out last night. Was a total disaster. No special event at all but the bouncers kept people out of the line for hours. It was basically a douchey hollywood attitude. What I am curious about is who asked these people to bring hollywood to santa monica. The culture in SaMo is easy hang outs for the locals. We never asked for hollywood nor asked for attitude. It was the weirdest crowd with bunch of rappers with their pants on the ground, as well as people who look like they just turned 21. Instead of accepting people (locals) waiting in line, they were accepting their friends. Total BS. really.