12/18/2012 10:45:00 AM

London's 15 Hottest New Restaurants of 2012

The London restaurant scene did us proud this year. From upmarket Peruvian to gourmet fried chicken to a classic Parisian pavement cafe, the choices were diverse, and there was always something to get excited about. The only problem being that with so many new restaurants to try, it's a shame there are so few meals in a day!


  1. Over priced and over rated! I've been to La Esquinia and this is not a London version! Limited menu choice, average food but top notch prices! Topped off with a 15% service charge! The venue is cool but the soundtrack of top 40 songs add nothing! I won't be returning and I wouldn't recommend it, at all! There is far better Mexican food out there for a lot less money!

  2. Amzing restaurant by far one of the best in London !!!
    Food is amazing and the staff is really friendly !
    Planning my birthday there for sure !!

  3. Sadly, the only 'top' thing here apart from the prices is the view.

  4. Fabulous meal for the discerning not the price moaners......this is a magnificent authentic experience. We had one of the best,probably the best, tapas style meals of my life.try as many tastes as you can. I'm just back from Peru.....this is as goods it gets.

  5. To which restaurants are the last 3 commnets referring?

  6. my guesses:

    2) dabbous / bodega negra
    3) duck and waffle
    4) bodega negra