6/21/2012 03:11:00 PM

Laurent Tourondel Partnering With TAO Group For Arlington Club

Some news coming out of the Upper East Side today. Chef Laurent Tourondel has teamed up with the TAO restaurant group to launch a bi-level eatery on Lexington and 73rd Street dubbed Arlington Club. The new joint will be a steakhouse - a ginormous one. There will be 200 seats, and it will also serve sushi.

The massive space is no surprise considering that the Tao folks are involved. They are also launching new eateries in the Maratime Hotel. They've brought ICRAVE on to design the restaurant, a firm that has experience in big eateries like Lavo and Asellina. This is really far uptown for something on this scale - looking forward to seeing if it takes off when it debuts in Fall (1032 Lexington Ave.)


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