6/19/2012 01:11:00 PM

LA's Secret Garden Guide: 10 Outdoor Dining Spots

The patio at Eveleigh
We all love a great outdoor space for dining and drinking, and Los Angeles has no shortage of them. We're particularly fond of the hidden gardens and patios, places everyone should discover at least once, especially for summer. Then again, these 10 spots are perfect any time of year - just one more reason why we love LA.


  1. Outdoor patio at Spago...come on!

  2. What about Culina at the Four Seasons? Killer garden spot.

  3. A beautiful garden at Cafe Chez Marie in Century City area

  4. How could you not mention Il Cielo in BH?

  5. Because Spago is closing on July 9, and when it reopens in the fall that patio will be slightly covered, I believe. But it is one of the most beautiful garden patios. There are so many great outdoor spots, Culina and Il Cielo included, but tried to limit it to 10 and create a well-rounded list (they can't all be in Beverly Hills, right?) Keep the suggestions coming! We all love to hear about them!

  6. My list: Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga
    Michael's in Santa Monica
    Il Cielo in Beverly Hills
    The Little Door in Los Angeles
    The Ivy in Los Angeles