6/05/2012 07:13:00 PM

Pitfire Artisan Pizza Founder Creates Restaurant Incubator

Jason Neroni/Photo by Stephen Sakulsky
Turns out Pitfire Pizza's Paul Hibler isn't just backing Jason Neroni's forthcoming Superba Snack Bar, he's created an entire "restaurant incubator" called Gonzo Food Corp to help fund similar chef-driven, artisanal projects. On the heels of Superba opening in Venice, a neighboring sibling, Superba Food & Bread, will debut. Hibler describes it as a "cross between Tartine in San Francisco and Blue Ribbon Bakery" in New York, that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and serve as a full retail bakery - and even have bicycle bread delivery. Superba Snack Bar is scheduled to open in July; the bakery, later this year. And Pitfire is also expanding: At least four more locations are in the works. [Via NRN]


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