6/18/2012 06:05:00 PM

In Ice Cream News: Coolhaus Beachside Cart, Fonuts Sandwiches

Stay Cool(haus) at the beach
Should the need for a Nutella-almond, potato chip-butterscotch ice cream sandwich strike when you're on the beach bike path in Santa Monica, there's now a Coolhaus cart right outside of Shutters on the Beach. Find it Friday through Sundays from noon to 6 PM, and check the hotel's Facebook page for more days and times to be added. And if you can't find the truck, nor make it to the Culver City shop, Coolhaus treats are also available at Coast at Shutters.

Pastry Chef Waylynn Lucas and Fonuts partner Nancy Truman launched their own ice cream sandwiches, only instead of cookies the treats are made with the baked, vegan or gluten-free doughnuts. Ice cream flavors run the gamut, from vanilla bean to tahini and olive oil, which can go on faux-nut flavors like strawberry-buttermilk, passtionfruit or blueberry-Earl Grey. They're available in the shop now, but look for a launch party on June 30 with the Grilled Cheese Truck. Fonuts is located at 8104 West 3rd Street.


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