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Get Your Kicks at Forage Kitchen's Kickstarter Auction

Save the date for Forage Kitchen's foodie auction.

God bless Kickstarter. Not only is the online crowd sourcing funding site allowing worthwhile food start ups a way to raise the necessary cash, it’s also providing us foodies a way to score some really awesome perks like member privileges and access to cool parties. Forage Kitchen, the ambitious restaurant and incubator kitchen spin-off from forageSF's Iso Rabins has just raised the ante. Next Thursday, for the next installment of their kickstarter event series, they’re going to be throwing a full on live auction at the Swedish American Hall, during which guest will be able to bid on some amazing experiences with their favorite Bay Area’s hottest local heroes.

A few of the lots on the auction block include a South Bay restaurant crawl led by Hapa Ramen’s Richie Nakana, the bubbe of Jewish brunch with Wise Sons' Leo Bloom and an abalone diving and spear fishing excursion with Iso Rabin. Small items such as pies from the popular Underground Vendor pietisserie, a grass-fed jerky pack from Oaktown Jerk and a cushy starter camp set from Alite designs also make the list. The evening also promises plenty of other food, drink and cool swag. All the money raised will go the Wild Forage’s kickstarter campaign. To secure entry to the auction, you’ll need to reserve online (it’s free) and make your first pledge (see details online). However, folks will also be able to bid remotely by arranging ahead of time.

June 14, 6-10 PM (auction starts at 8 PM), Swedish American Hall, 2174 Market Street. Reservation tickets available here. Pledges on kickstarter begin at $35 for one person, $70 for 2 (all higher pledges get into these events as well).

A dedicated sampling of Wild Kitchen's Kickstarter Auction Lots:

Vietnamese specialties with RPS: Starting bid $150 
Carouse around town with the girls of Rice Paper Scissors. San Francisco pop-up royalty, They’ll take you to 5 of their favorite restaurants around SF to try each spots signature dish. These are the same girls who beat Bourdain in a test of whits, so you’re sure to have a good time (plus they’re a couple cuties, so that doesn't hurt).

South Bay Ramen tour with Richie of Hapa Ramen: Starting bid $150 
You’ve seen him around town slinging ramen for years now, or maybe as “The Rebel” in Wustofs newest commercials. Richie, owner of Hapa Ramen, will take you on a tour of his favorite spots in the South Bay. Talk shop with the cities premier ramen chef, and get some good eats to boot.

Abalone Diving and spear fishing with Iso Rabins of forageSF: Starting bid $150
Diving is my new favorite thing. There is no place where I feel more relaxed, diving down into another world. It’s amazing whats down there. Hordes of fish, seaweed, starfish, and the illusive abalone. With a subtle indescribable taste that is somewhere between squid and the most tender white fish you’ve ever eaten, abalone is a real treat. Since it’s heavily protected, diving yourself is the only way to get wild abalone. Join me on a dive up the Sonoma coast, and find out what you’ve been missing.

Dinner with Iso Rabins: Starting bid $150 
This is a date for the land bound. Dinner with Iso Rabins of forageSF at mission chinese in San Francisco. Good eats for a good cause.

Dinner with Blaire of Graffeats: Starting bid $150 
Blaire Warsham, chef of the underground restaurant Graffeats, will cook you dinner. First you'll do some shopping at the farmers market to get the freshest produce, then Baire will cook a homemade dinner with you as sous chef.

Brunch with Leo of Wise Sons Deli: Starting bid $150 
A recent finalist for hottest chef in SF, Leo will buy you a Jewish brunch your grandmother would be proud of, while answering any questions you have about how he got started.

Starter Camping Kit from Alite designs: Starting bid $150 
Sure, you like camping, but you also like design, so why not have both? Alite designs is San Francisco’s homegrown camping company. Sit by the fire in their comfy camp chair, then zip up the for a snuggle in the “Kama Sutra sleeping bag” (if you get two they zip together….). I love this gear, and it’ll make all the more stylish on that next trip out to Bass Lake. Kit includes: A Kama Sutra sleeping bag and 2 Monarch camping chairs.

Mission Cheese basket of goodies: Starting bid $80 
One of our Underground Market success stories. The first time I met Sarah of Mission Cheese was on my front porch where she broke out her incredible Raclettle machine. Now she’s got her own restaurant! Amazing. The Mission Cheese goodie box includes: T-shirt, Bottle of wine/beer, some cheese, crackers & a $30 gift certificate to Mission Cheese on Valencia.

Pies from Pietisserie: Starting bid $20 
Get 2 delicious pies from one of our great Underground Market vendors Pietisserie.

Jerky and a shirt from Oaktown Jerk: Starting bid $30 
A bag of local grassfed beef jerky and a shirt. Both delicious.


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