6/05/2012 11:00:00 AM

Franklin Becker Out at Abe & Arthur's, Catch, Lexington Brass

Franklin Becker, photo by Gabi Porter 
Franklin Becker, who was corporate executive chef of the EMM Group, overseeing Abe and Arthurs, Catch and Lexington Brass left his post this weekend. "We are going off into two separate directions and I wish them luck,'' the chef said, confirming his departure. Industry sources say that Becker has been scouring the city for a place of his own, and EMM is currently searching for a new head toque. "We thank Franklin Becker for his hard work over the last three years and know his next venture will be nothing short of successful," says a rep for the group. Hopefully this doesn't mean the end of his burger at Brass, but time will tell.


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