6/29/2012 06:04:00 PM

A Foie Gras Recap: The Conversations, the Morality, the Dish We'll Miss Most

We will be eating Animal's foie gras biscuit this weekend
The day is nigh, friends. The California foie gras ban - aka SB 1520 - goes into effect on Sunday, July 1, rendering it illegal for any restaurant to serve foie gras after tomorrow. We all knew it was coming, but everyone's been in a serious tizzy the last few weeks, as we all ran around trying to gorge ourselves with as much of the delicacy as we can. As if we couldn't just go over state lines to get it (hello, Vegas), or even find some rogue chef willing to risk the $1,000 fine.

There have been stories from across the country, laments for the loss of our most beautiful and delicious foie dishes, discussions of morality and state intrusion, chefs dreaming of their ultimate foie gras meal. We've had dinners and more dinners (many still going tonight and tomorrow). There's the issue of putting the producers out of business after 26 years. And now it looks like the ban may not even hold - except for right now, it will.

So whether you're tired of the subject or not, the nail isn't really in the the culinary coffin yet. Conversations will still be had. We're crossing our fingers for an underground railroad to Animal's foie gras sausage biscuit. And in a year or so, the chefs and us diners will hopefully win the next round. Here's to that perfectly seared lobe, that wonderfully rich mousse, and those really bizarre desserts. Get it while you can!

Photo: djjewelz/Flickr


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