6/14/2012 01:03:00 PM

Review: Burger King's Bacon Sundae, Pulled Pork, Sweet Potato Fries

Oh, hello there
Burger King's new summer menu has arrived - including an item so inconceivable (in the fast-food world anyway) that even the BK employees couldn't believe I ordered it: a bacon hot fudge sundae. Yup, you read that correctly. I also sampled some of the other new summer menu items including a pulled pork BBQ sandwich and sweet potato fries, all of which debuted today at Burger King locations nationwide.

The BK employees were impressed by my menu choices yet flummoxed when it came to preparing them. In fact, my order delayed the assembly line of burgers and chicken sandwiches by almost five minutes (the construction worker waiting to my right was not pleased). Anyway, down to the main event: the bacon sundae, which I had to eat first before it melted completely...obvi. Basically, it's a run-of-the mill fast-food hot fudge sundae laced with crumbly bacon bits and garnished with a petrified strip of bacon across the top (as you can see above). Flavor-wise, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined and tasted essentially like a hot fudge sundae with crispy, processed bacon bits running throughout - no surprises here. Although aside from the novelty, I can't imagine why any typical Burger King customer would ever order this thing.

As for the pulled pork sandwich, its appearance may not be the most appetizing (as it's garnished with globs of BBQ sauce and a mucousy-looking mayo) but my fellow Zagat colleagues were all impressed with how "normal" it actually tasted. I remarked: "Burger King does a good job of making things taste like food." The sweet-potato fries also tasted fairly standard although their freeze-dried frozen texture was almost exactly the same as their regular starchy potato fries. Overall, the above items rank somewhere between "edible" and  "not bad" on the unofficially fast-food ratings scale. But if you're going to venture into fast-food country, I'd probably recommend that you stick to the basics.


  1. The pulled pork sandwich was yummy! Surprisingly!

  2. Yeah, I love bacon and I love ice cream, but I don't think I'd ever order this. I fully expect this one to be a flop. The two together just SOUND sort of gross. As a matter of fact, half an hour ago, a friend got one. I asked him, over the phone and after he'd eaten it, how it was, and he said....yeah, surprise surprise....Gross.