6/22/2012 05:02:00 PM

Fabbrica Readies New Shop Near the Williamsburg Waterfront

Though modern day Williamsburg is known as a culinary playground manned by mustachioed mixologists, history notes that at one time, the only thing sweet about "the burg" was what came out of the Domino Sugar Factory. Before the days of Frej and bowling alleys slinging fried chicken, the main reason people ventured out to the waterfront was to help make tables, not book one.

Enter Fabbrica, a full service restaurant and espresso bar that aims to pay tribute to the neighborhood's roughshod reputation while showcasing contemporary Italian fare. Since the name translates to factory in Italian, we’re pretty confident the interior design and artwork created by local Brooklyn artist Olalekan Jeyifous is not going to make people think of the beach anytime soon.

While menu options haven’t been released just yet, Executive Chef Francesco Pecoraro is a member of the Italian chapter of Slow Food, which means you can probably expect a lot more thought on your plate than just the standard spaghetti and meatballs. An in-house bakery and pastry shop will also be a hallmark of the new Italian hangout and will be under the guidance of Pastry Chef Mirco Del Vecchio, formerly of Balthazar.

We’re not sure if plans for a gelato stand are in the works, but whoever is in charge of that better be prepared for a lot of Brooklynites seeking refuge from the impending summer heatwave.

For more information about Fabbrica and to brush up on your Italian, click here (34 N. 6th street, Brooklyn, NY 11249; no phone)

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  1. Williamsburg's waterfront is badly in need of a quality restaurant/bar. As an area resident I look forward to Fabbrica's opening. I also like the name/concept!