9/04/2012 04:10:00 PM

Metro DC's Hottest Restaurants: Fall Edition

DC’s dining scene gets more delicious by the day, as talented chefs and restaurateurs open urbane, informal and affordable concepts in burgeoning neighborhoods around town. You'll find modern takes on Indian, Italian, Mexican and Spanish cuisines, seasonal head-to-tail cooking served in modern-rustic digs, and even a landmarked building that's been transformed into a neighborhood gathering spot. Check out where you should be reserving a table this fall in the slideshow below.


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    1. Really???? Is it necessary to be so rude? If you had a better command of English yourself, you might be able to offer criticism without being so obnoxious. Grow up, please and stay off this website.

    2. I like your reply to anonymous! I can't believe that people find a way to be so nasty to others for a error etc. I think that your absolutely right in stating that the person was rude, obnoxious, and juvenile in his comments. Good for you Ms. Olga.

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    3. I'm with the two comments above. When I see a review like that, I'm pretty sure the author is a frustrated and unsuccessful something... writer, chef... or perhaps just unhappy. Keep it to yourself.