6/19/2012 03:18:00 PM

Davio’s Offering Boozy Ice Pops to Beat the Heat

If you haven’t heard, consider this your warning: just in time for the official start of summer, a heatwave is set to hit the East Coast, with the brunt of it centered on Philly (some forecasts predict a Thursday high of 108 degrees F). To combat the torrid temps - and provide some lunchtime fun (it’ll be too hot to work anyway) - Rittenhouse steakhouse Davio’s is offering a selection of $5 alcohol-infused ice pops. Head to 17th Street from 11 AM-3 PM on Wednesday or Thursday to cool off with one of three options: Prosecco and rose petal, watermelon and mint (with vodka) or piña colada. Maybe hundred-degree days aren’t so bad, after all (215-563-4810).


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