6/04/2012 07:40:00 PM

Umami Burger Opening Soon at The Grove, New Product Line Launches

When it was announced that Umami Burger would open a 175-seat flagship restaurant at The Grove, we didn't realize it was its own structure just outside of the Fairfax parking garage entrance (across from Whisper Lounge). Two stories, indoor and outdoor seating. Will it give Short Order a run for the money?  Reps don't have a set date, but mid-summer is now the target.

In other Umami news, the company launched a product line so you can have that savory Umami flavor at home. There's Umami ketchup; Master Sauce, which is a spin on soy sauce; Umami Dust, an msg-free powder you can sprinkle on just about anything; and Umami Spray, a blend of umami, kombu, and "all-natural plant and seafood essences." Thankfully, no "jelly spray." Yet. The products are available online or at select Umami locations, including Umamicatessen Downtown.


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