6/08/2012 03:23:00 PM

Brooklyn Seoul Hits Williamsburg: Korean Ramen, Tacos and More

Could the great ramen shortage in Williamsburg finally be ending? The Yuji pop-up recently launched in Kinfolk Studios, Yebisu is reportedly still on the way and as of today, Brooklyn Seoul has opened on Metropolitan right off of Graham. The inexpensive Korean menu includes four varities of ramen - chicken, pork, veggie and one with dumplings - and rounds it out with plenty of other options including tacos, wings, pork-belly buns and build-your-own bibimbap (there's even a $10.99 bento box). Though there a few tables in the tiny space, we're excited about ordering take-out and enjoying with a pint out on Harefield Road's back patio.

749 Metropolitan Avenue; 718-576-3050


  1. Their tacos are 85% tortilla with about a index fingers width of toppings, and hints of 'panda express'. There was nothing 'korean' about these. We ordered 2 tacos, a burrito, a bao, and a bi-bim-bap and the bag weighed about 1/2 a pound. Skip this place and go to Kimchi Grill in Prospect Heights, first, or Dokebi in Williamsburg, second.

  2. Agreed on the size of some of the items. That said, I've been twice and had steamed and fried dumplings which, while not mind-blowing, didn't disappoint either. I think the real star of the menu is the pork ramen, which, once you add the complimentary kimchi and one or two of the other sauces, is really delicious. Yes, the noodles are store-bought, but for $7.99 but the broth is really rich and good. They could definitely increase the size of some of the other items. The buns in particular seem pretty skimpy for $2.99 or whatever they charge.