6/21/2012 04:10:00 PM

Brats Berlin: Food Truck of the Week

If you're a fan of Wurstkuche, then Brats Berlin is right up your alley. The two aren't related, but the truck similarly features gourmet brats in a variety of flavors, from traditional to sweet Hawaiian and veggie with sundried tomato and basil. Other sausages veer toward the exotic, like smoked alligator and andouille, and Cajun kangaroo, and almost all are made locally (even the kangaroo, but obviously the meat isn't local). There's even Belgian fries, cut thick and golden crisp. The only thing missing is beer, but you can always grab a Jones soda to wash it down.

One of the coolest things about Brats Berlin is that twice a year, owner Christian Murcia invites a local artist to redesign the exterior of the truck, creating a confluence of street food and street art. He wanted it to be an ode to German culture and was inspired by the East Side Gallery, the mural-covered remaining part of the Berlin wall. Right now the trippy colorful wrap is by Marioe, an LA-based artist known for his raw art. Murcia is currently looking for artist submissions for the next design, which will change in July and launch in August. The truck roams all of Southern California, from LA to San Diego, but this weekend you can find it at Eat See Hear's screening of The Big Lebowski in Santa Monica. For Brats Berlin's regular whereabouts, jump on the Twitter.

[Photo: Julia Saputo/Facebook}


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