6/25/2012 02:45:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Olio's Arugula + Roasted Grape Salad

This should be titled "Best Thing We Ate This Weekend That Wasn't Pizza" because we ate an inordinate amount of pie in preparation for Pizza Week. That's why Olio's salad was a saving grace, a wonderfully balanced heap of fresh arugula with thick chunks of feta cheese, tangy yogurt dressing and - our favorite - sweet, cool grapes that were roasted in the wood-burning oven. We love chefs that make good use out of an 800-degree oven. The blistered shishito peppers and, of course, a margherita pizza, were equally great, but that salad was demolished on the spot. Olio flies under the radar, but it delivers some seriously good food in its tiny, friendly space. Find the pizzeria and cafe at 8075 West Third Street (at Crescent Heights).

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  1. Olio is great - less fanfare than Mozza but possibly better pizza, period.