6/29/2012 01:30:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Heirloom LA's Fried Green Tomatoes

Before there were Heirloom LA lasagna cupcakes, Matthew Poley was busy with catering gigs and private cheffing. Now, one mobile truck and many parties later, he and partner Tara Maxey have The Salon, a private room connected to the Heirloom corporate kitchen and offices. The have wine dinners and tastings in the space, which also includes a very stylishly impermanent parking lot lounge next to gorgeous garden boxes where they grow their own lettuces, herbs, peppers, tomatoes and more. We were invited to a little showcase last night, with coffee pairings (and cocktails) from Handsome Coffee Roasters.

Poley featured vegan carrot panna cotta, fresh greens with homemade feta and pepitas, deconstructed pasta fagioli, and lamb done two ways. But one of our favorite bites was a cocktail-hour hors d'oeuvre: fried green zebra tomatoes with tarragon aioli. The tomatoes came from the garden, and they were a little tart, juicy and cornmeal crispy. Simple summer perfection. We may have had more than one.


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