6/29/2012 12:14:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Fried Smelts at Boukies

Greek food is probably our favorite cuisine on the planet, and sadly, since moving to New York, we've found the authentic Greek food options surprisingly scarce, save for a small handful of city restaurants and a few in Astoria. So last night we finally tried the newish Boukies in the East Village, which opened in the former Heartbreak space. The menu is comprised of a variety of different size meze, or small plates. The service is similar to restaurants in Greece - friendly, no-nonsense and no-rush, in a way that makes you linger over your meal for three hours. Our favorite item of the night were the Psarakia sto Tigani (fried smelts) which were simply served on a plate with a piece of lemon. The light, crunchy tiny fish were savory, salty and delicious, a perfect starter for all the other delicious plates to come. Boukies is located at 29 E. 2nd Street.


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