6/07/2012 10:42:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Couscous and Merguez at Cafe Gitane

Trying to grab brunch in the West Village on the weekends can be a dicey proposition considering the hour-long waits and lines out the door at just about every spot in the 'hood. But Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel is always a solid option that usually never includes a wait or a bunch of strollers pushed up against your table. Our favorite dish on a recent Sunday was the couscous with veggies and grilled merguez sausage. The massive tower of couscous is served with a mound of hummus on top and baguette on the side - an ideal vessel for making your own mini-sausage crostini. The combo of the garlicky hummus, the spicy merguez and the fluffy couscous makes for the perfect Moroccan-inspired brunch. Cafe Gitane is located at The Jane Hotel at 113 Jane Street.


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