6/06/2012 09:39:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Cheese Plate at Grey Lady

Last night, we dropped by the LES newcomer Grey Lady, which has been open for about two weeks in the former White Slab Palace space. This hip-but-casual charmer has a small menu of seafood-centric options, but it wasn't the steamers or the lobster roll that impressed us (though those were good too), it was the cheese plate. The large, white marble bar was already full early in the evening, and the heavily-drinking crowd seemed more into snacking than having actual dinner.

The amply-portioned fromage was the perfect thing to pick at as we sipped some of the nautically themed beer (oyster stout, anyone) and listened to the classic rock that they piped in over the speakers. A few brews and way too much cheese later (also supplemented by a light and airy ricotta with spring peas) and our ship was ready to sail. Not out to sea, but onward to Motor City for another round.

 Grey Lady 77 is located at 77 Delancey Street.


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