6/25/2012 10:42:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Beachy Fare at Rockaway Taco

Under the hot sun and amidst the throngs of serious surfers, wannabe body builders and girls in multi-colored bikinis out in Rockaway, a beachgoer's gotta eat. A few steps behind the booming DJ booth from whatever Red Bull is currently sponsoring is a food-court like oasis with food and drink options (there's a full bar so watch out for those who have had to much sun *and* too much to drink) such as a stand from Greenpoint's Lobster Joint, and of course, Rockaway Taco.

Although the more popular (and original) Rockaway Taco stand is a few blocks away, when your goal is a shorter line, beach access, and super-satisfying bites sooner rather than later, this stand is your spot. Despite the name, the outpost doesn't serve any actual tacos, but diners have a choice of tostadas with (our favorite here with the pickled vegetables, cabbage, beans, and guac) and flautas with or without chorizo. Also not to be missed is the guacamole (family-sized pictured here) and whatever fresh juice is on hand for the day (watermelon among the options when we stopped by). If you're headed to Rockaway Beach for the day or just need an excuse to escape the city - a pitstop (or end goal) of Rockaway Taco is an absolute must.


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