6/15/2012 02:29:00 PM

Alaskan Town Reels From Taco Bell Hoax; Woman Smuggles Prawns In Skirt

A cruel hoax perpetrated by phony fliers advertising a forthcoming Taco Bell location in Bethel, Alaska has citizens of the small town reeling, as it currently has no chain restaurants to speak of. [LAT]

The nine-year old Scottish girl who took to the interwebs to blog about her terrible school lunches (and which was subsequently shut down by evil adults) has won the battle against her school council and her blog is back up. Here's a sample post: "I'd really like to know where the chicken comes from, so I am going to write to the lady in charge to ask. I know it comes from a hen but I'd like to know where the hen lived." [AP via HuffPo]

And check out the latest horrible way to steal prawns: go to Costco and shove them up your skirt. [Jezebel]


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