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5 Meatballs to Try in London

Apparently meatballs are the new cupcakes. Perhaps not exactly, but they have certainly come a long way. No longer associated with school food made from unidentifiable meats, these days the hearty dish comes in many sophisticated guises.

We've picked our five favourites. Don't agree? Scroll down to the comment box, and share your own favourite meatball hot spots.

Meatballs at The Quality Chop House
The Clerkenwell restaurant serves handmade single balls or plates of three using free-range chicken and meat. On the menu: Thai chile chicken, pork and rosemary or our favourite, Greek lamb balls served with cucumber, dill and yogurt sauce. Pick any three and they will serve them as sliders - or if you feeling adventurous, there is always a meatball of the day on offer (020 3490 6228).

Da Polpo 
Authentic meatballs are an obvious choice at this Italian-American comfort food joint in Covent Garden. The spicy pork and fennel are particularly good - light, but still full of flavour (020 7836 8448).

Oven-baked meatballs served in tomato sauce are intended as a sharing dish at this Mayfair Italian, but we strongly advise you order your own if want to continue to be friends with your companions (020 7434 1500).

Giant Robot 
You'll be spoilt for choice with the mix-and-match selection at this East London deli/cafe. Choose a ball (beef with tomato sauce and oregano; lamb with spicy tomato, mint and coriander; or veal with porcini cream, parson and tarragon) and add a side (spaghetti, mash or arugula salad). Can't decide? They also offer a selection of sliders (020 3119 3053).

The Bowler 
Track down this food truck at the nearest street fair or festival to try hand-rolled balls made using free-range British meat and served out of a grass-covered van. Opt for yours served over a tomato pasta, or 'naked' if you're on a carb-free diet.


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