6/22/2012 03:00:00 AM

3 New Ways to Eat Cupcakes in London

Our summer diet has gone out the window for obvious weather-related reasons  - so instead we have been binge-eating cupcakes. And thanks to a very dreary month we've managed to overdo it on those too. Now we are looking for alternatives. We've found three so far but are always on the hunt for more. Suggestions would certainly cheer us up.

Cupcakes in a Jar 
Homemade and delicious in flavours including chocolate, lemon, Victoria sponge and red velvet, these little jars of happiness are easy to transport and can be stored in a freezer for an emergency sugar fix.

Cake Pops
No longer just a round ball of cake on a stick, cake pops have evolved thanks to the genius of Pop Bakery. The gooey cake balls can now be ordered in the shape of an animal head, Russian doll or road sign.

Cake Push Pops
The Cake Empire has taken our favourite sweet treat in a new direction and made it even easier to eat. Push pops made from layers of cake and frosting are available from Tom's Deli and fully contained with a lid, so you can eat half now and save the rest for later.


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