6/11/2012 01:19:00 PM

10 Airlines with Awesome Food Options

Prawns on Singapore Airlines; Photo by Ryan Forbes
Say the words “airplane food” and most people will shudder reflexively as visions of bland, overcooked chicken, rubbery potatoes and rock-hard rolls flash through their minds. In fact, airline meals have a worse reputation than hospital food – not an easy feat. However, in the past few years, some airlines have been quietly turning the stereotype of inedible airline food on its heels, hiring celebrity chefs to revamp their inflight menus, incorporating exotic ingredients and offering fine wines and fancy cocktails. Take a look at some of the 10 best meals in the air in the slideshow below.


  1. Food on Swissair were among the best before they went bankrupt a few years ago

  2. I'm assuming this is in first class considering the plates, tablecloth, etc....

  3. What does this have to do with me? I'm the everyday person flying economy,where I can't affor first or business class. I can't even afford economy plus! I find this Zagat crap to do such a disservice for the majority of the traveling public, who aren't even close to traveling business or first class. Shame on you for promoting rich people yet again, disregarding the average flyer!

    Other than Thai and Emerites Airlines, they should have done a big focus on food in economy. The food doesn't suck in business and first- it's economy! Focus on us for a change!

  4. Wow! Such bitterness. Dont hate on the business travellers and those who can afford it. I think it is great to expose everyone to everything. yes, do an article on the food in economy. Not certain why, but in all fairness maybe there is a top 10 on economy food. I hear the food on international flights in economy isnt bad.....I refuse to fly economy so I dont know.
    I used to fly coach when you were served a meal (not pre-packaged cold food), but then I had my first business class international flight; I swore I would never go back behind the curtain and I havent. My overnight flights when I arrive--after having a seat with body massagers and great food options--I'm refreshed and ready to hit the ground and take care of business.