5/09/2012 12:54:00 PM

Where to Eat When...10 Ideas for Special Dinners

Tertulia: good for an inexpensive date 
There is one question that we get asked far more than any other: where should I go when _______? Every special occasion requires a different kind of restaurant - if you're celebrating a birthday with a large group you'll head one place, when you're on a romantic first date you'll hit another (at least we hope you would, since that large party is sure to annoy all the love-struck couples). We give you guides to holidays like Mother's Day, but what about all of life's other happenings? Click through the below to see our suggestions for your events and celebrations, and let us know where you like to go for these parties in the comments.


  1. Love this post. Super helpful and useful, thanks!

  2. SPOT ON recommendations .... add inoteca to the list for group dinners. Had a bachelorette dinner there recently and (before wine) it came to around $50 per person for a multi-course family style meal that could feed an army! Pleased everyone at the table from the carnivores to the vegetarians.

  3. Gramercy Tavern apparently even comes with complimentary ghosts to help celebrate your small birthday crowd. At least thats what the picture would depict.