5/23/2012 04:43:00 PM

Vote In Our NYC Everyday Eats Survey!

Sure, New York has plenty of chefs like Ripert, Bouley and Keller, but the city's culinary scene contains thousands of off-the-radar restaurants that are still full every night, even without the big names. These joints are where you get your everyday eats, and we want them to be recognized. Right now, you can support your favorite neighborhood eateries in our NYC Everyday Eats survey, because Thomas Keller isn't the only chef that should be getting some love. From your favorite coffee joint to that awesome Chinese place on the corner, log on here to vote for your favorite local haunts.

If you do want to show your support, you can enter to win a prize worth $400. After casting their ballots, a lucky winner will get a night on the town or a Samsung Galaxy Android tablet. These are both valued at around $400, so get voting and enter for your chance to win.


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