5/06/2012 10:43:00 AM

Vote In Our First Ever Pizza Survey!

This week marks the launch of our first ever pizza survey! Just in time for Cheap Eats Week, we want to know what you think about all things pizza. Do you eat it with a knife and fork or is that just weird? Are slices better, or do you really need to order a full pie for the best flavor? Most importantly, does anyone actually like anchovies? While we think we can guess the answer to that last one, put all of that pizza-eating experience to use and let us know about the rest. Take the survey here and stay tuned for the results in all of their pepperoni-topped glory!


  1. Lombardi's for pie. Patsy's on 116th for slices.

  2. Nick's in Manhattan or Forest Hills, for incredibly fresh ingredients, authentic Italian wood-oven baked thin-crust pizza.

  3. Brooklyn Pizza 5/5
    SI Pizza 2/5

  4. Georgio's Chicago Pizzeria & Pub. Crystal Lake & South Barrington IL!