5/03/2012 01:45:00 PM

Trailer Park Truck: Food Truck of the Week

Comfort food, stoner food, call it what you will, but the barely month-old Trailer Park Truck aims to dole out country-fried goodness 24-hours a day on the streets of LA. Music industry vet and former punk rocker Dave Miller is the mastermind behind the low-brow inspired eats offered on the truck that include dishes like blue ribbon Frito pie, country-fried corn on a stick and shotgun shells 'n' cheese (mac 'n' cheese topped with breadcrumbs. All the options are priced under $8 except for Aunt Mimi's Chicken 'n' Waffles, which let's face it, must warrant a more expensive price tag.

Trailer Park describes itself as "a 24-hour traveling food party,"(clearly they're not afraid to set the bar a little high!) But if you're looking to join this backwoods party, you can follow their Twitter feed to see where they'll be perched each day. They're regulars at Venice's First Friday and are often found roving around Santa Monica, Melrose and Miracle Mile. Trailer Park is just another example that low-brow-inspired American comfort food is all the rage right now.


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