5/04/2012 06:00:00 PM

This Week's Top Restaurant and Food News

Image by Gabi Porter
Cheap Eats Week is drawing to a close, but before we go, let's look back at some of this week's top posts. Coming in at #1 was our guide to high-end chefs' more affordable ventures, with our NYC hot dog smackdown coming in a close second. The rest of the list was full of low-budge guides to different eats in different cities which should provide you with some handy weekend reading (and eating). Check out the ten most popular posts of the week below, and we'll catch you back here on Monday (if you're not too hungover from Cinco/Derby/Supermoon Saturday, that is).

  1. Cheap Eats: 10 High-End Chefs Go Low-End 
  2. Hot Dog Smackdown: Tasting 10 of NYC's Notable Franks
  3. 7 Must-Try Ramen Spots in LA
  4. Cheap Eats Taste Test: 7 Frozen Restaurant Meals
  5. Cheap Eats Icons: Do They Deserve the Hype?
  6. 8 Must-Try Fresh Mex Spots Around the Bay
  7. 5 Must-Try Cheap Bites in Philly
  8. 7 Cheap Ingredients That Taste Like a Million Bucks
  9. Five $20-and-Under Dinner Dates in Boston
  10. Where to Go for Late-Night Cheap Eats in Chicago


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