5/03/2012 10:30:00 AM

Strip Club Closing Naked Sushi Room Because of Charlie Sheen

No love for the naked sushi
Earlier this week, New York's Cheetah's Gentleman's Club got into a kerfuffle with Charile Sheen (yes, the Charlie Sheen) because of a VIP room they named after the actor. Guests could enter into the Charlie Sheen room and eat sushi off of naked women - because apparently that's what comes to mind when you think of the former TV star? Sheen got word of this and threatened the joint with a lawsuit for using his name (which could hardly be tarnished by the association) and today the strip club announced that it's nixing the rooms saucy moniker (though not discontinuing the practice of naked sushi).

Although the owner of the club thought it would be a homage to the actor, he announced today that the space would change it's name 'due to lack of business and due to pressure from wild warlock actor who called the space "despicable." The strip club owners also lamented that Sheen never came to give the naked sushi a try in person. Maybe next time...


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