5/16/2012 04:51:00 PM

Sprinkles Ice Cream Hits The 90210 on May 24

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If you thought Sprinkles Cupcakes went totally over the top with its cupcake ATM at the Beverly Hills location, you and your diet have seen nothing yet. Sprinkles Ice Cream debuts on May 24 next door to the storied cupcake dispenser and its neighboring Sprinkles Cupcakes boutique, the flagship location for the sweet empire and the place where the wild new ideas are born.

Just like the cupcakery, ice cream flavor choices range from the classic (vanilla bean) and the kitschy (Cap’n Crunch). Naturally, cupcakes are heavily incorporated into the parlor menu, which means options like cupcake crumble toppings, and red velvet waffle cones. You can also blend a cupcake into a milkshake - or if that isn’t decadent enough, indulge in the Sprinkles Sandwiches, where two cupcake tops are joined by a scoop of ice cream. 

The notion of the cupcake as a dainty alternative to extreme sugar fiending ends here (9631 S. Santa Monica Blvd.).


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