5/10/2012 11:21:00 AM

Spodee: Wine Meets Moonshine in a Potent Sip

Though white whiskey has recently made a big comeback, the hooch enjoyed by most Depression-era Americans was likely a darker mix. In homage to the once-common concoction of moonshine, country wine, and whatever other fruits and herbs were lying around the farm, Hendricks Gin creator Steven Grasse has created Spodee, “wine with a kick.” Though the milk bottle container and retro-mod marketing scream hipster hype, we had a chance to sample the spirit at a preview event last night, and found it unique, tasty and well-suited for use as an ingredient in food recipes.

At 36 proof, this fortified wine is meant for mixing, but when sipped on its own, it offers a distinct flavor, with strong hints of cocoa below the grape. In fact, we couldn’t help think of Raisinets - if you’re looking for a drink to serve at a movie-watching party, here’s a prime solution. If you enjoy sweet sips, mix it with cola, or for a tangier profile, try it with OJ and orange soda. To our surprise, the most delicious drink of the night came from the Rival Bros. coffee truck, who mixed the spirit with cold brew and sweetened condensed milk for a serious wake-me-up.

Possibly the best tastes, however, came when the liquor was used in food. Little Baby’s Ice Cream presented a red velvet cream laced with Spodee chocolate swirls, and Mark Coates doused short ribs from his now famous Smoke Truck with a Spodee mole sauce before slapping the meat on soft slider buns. My Jello Americans did what could only be expected and turned the wine into a pop-able shot of jiggly, dark-red goodness, finished off with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Spodee will be appearing in restaurants and liquor stores throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey during the month of May, and is available for shipping (where legal) nationwide.


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