5/31/2012 01:13:00 PM

Smorgas Chef's Crepes Du Nord Expanding to Jersey and Staten Island

It can’t be denied, Scandinavian cuisine has been growing in New York. Now Smorgas Chef, a Scandinavian restaurant group, wants to take this trend further with the nationwide expansion of Crepes Du Nord. Located in the Financial District, this French-Scandinavian café is the sister shop to chef and owner Morten Sohlberg’s three-store chain Smorgas Chef. We called Sohlberg to talk about the growing popularity of Nordic food and, as we chatted, he spilled the beans about his move to open shops in Bridgewater, NJ and Willowbrook in Staten Island.

Plus, he added, that’s just the beginning. “We are trying to bring out the concept of local ingredients from our small farms and beyond,” Sohlberg said.

 For almost 10 years, Sohlberg has pushed Swedish cuisine on New York through his farm-to-table eateries Smorgas Chef, a move, based on the restaurants’ popularity, which has obviously clicked with the public. They restaurant group opened a farm upstate last fall so they can truly stick with their pure food philosophy and produce as many provisions for their restaurants as possible. At Crepes Du Nord they also serve organic and local foodstuffs and highlight an array of, you guessed it, crepes. What gives the dishes their Nordic twist is the use of fresh, simple ingredients commonly found in Scandinavian cuisine including: smoked salmon, dill crème, fresh mushrooms, caraway, and (when they have them) cloudberries, which are the only ingredient they always have to import. For the savory crepes, they use organic buckwheat and for the sweet crêpes, they make them with unprocessed, fine-milled wheat flour. So, for those of you hungering for a taste of Norse cooking, look out for a Crepes Du Nord to a location café near you.


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