5/25/2012 10:03:00 AM

Ralph’s in Italian Market Now America’s Oldest Restaurant

Photo via Facebook
With this week’s shuttering of San Francisco’s 126-year-old Fior D’Italia, the title of “America’s Oldest Restaurant” now belongs to a Philadelphia institution. Ralph’s has been holding it down on Ninth Street in the Italian market for 112 years, and is still owned and operated by the founding family. Current manager Ryan Rubino, whose great-great-grandparents Francesco and Catherine Dispigno launched the classic Italian at the turn of the century, told the Philadelphia Daily News that a celebration was planned, but only after a respectful mourning period - turns out, the cross-country establishments had a very amicable relationship.

Though Fior D’Italia cited “the economy” as the reason for its closure, there doesn’t look to be any need to worry about Ralph’s going the same way. Though the meals are just as red-gravy-traditional as ever, the restaurant has embraced modern marketing tactics, with a Twitter account, Facebook page, and even a popular Groupon campaign. Viva la Philadelphia!


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    1. Completely unrelated to this blog and restaurant. Can this be taken down immediately?

  2. I think you talking about the wrong Ralph's dude...sorry for your troubles though...