5/17/2012 11:55:00 AM

The Pig Trots to 14th Street NW

Courtesy of The Pig
The Pig, a farm-to-table Eclectic with a whole-animal bent, opens tonight on the trendy stretch of 14th Street above Logan Circle. It’s the latest venture from the EatWell restaurant group (Commissary, Grillfish, The Heights and Logan Tavern), which also happens to own a nearby farm. Read about what pig-hungry guests can expect, after the jump.

The Setting: Repurposed barn lumber and vintage prints add rusticity to the lofty industrial space, which features a white tile-fronted bar, wooden booths and an open kitchen. Pig art (cartoons, old newspaper cuttings) decorate the loos.

The Food: The kitchen plans to use some seven to 10 pigs a week for its midpriced, mostly small-plate menu. Expect housemade charcuterie and entrees ranging from pig ramen to crispy pork shank with spoonbread to a burger (topped with pancetta, natch). For those who don't love swine, have no fear - one can also order octopus, rabbit, chicken and fish, with housegrown vegetables providing a healthy meal boost. To finish, like much of the menu, the desserts have a porcine twist - its chocolate ice cream incorporates pig’s blood.

The Drinks: The restaurant will feature eco-friendly wines, some poured from kegs. Craft beers on draft and in bottles will whet whistles too. Bourbon is the featured spirit for its creative cocktails.

The Crowd: Young and hungry urbanites have been circling the block waiting for it to open. Given its casual vibe and buzzy game plan (farm-to-table, whole-animal cooking; eco-friendly, handcrafted food), they’re likely to keep it humming.

1320 14th Street, NW; 202-290-2821

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  1. I've lived in DC for 13 years but I'm originally from a small town in North Carolina known for its pigs and barbecue. I was encouraged that The Pig was opening and couldn't wait to go.
    And then...I went. What a disaster. The menu leads you to believe that you're going to get something special and in a way, you do. It’s especially disappointing in a whole new way- you don't get what you expect AND you pay too much for it.
    I went there expecting, well I don't know, something akin to the Bacon Flight at Eola and this is what I got at my brunch visit.
    We showed up for our 12:30pm reservation and noted the awkward doorway and hostess stand set-up…moving on… I ordered the Cottontail cocktail to start as I'm a big drinker. This was basically carrot juice and huge chunks of ginger at the bottom of the glass- that needed a quick return to the bar with the suggestion that they never serve that again. Thanks to my brunch date who returned it very politely for me. Still optimistic, I ordered the High Tea. Now this would have been a good cocktail if they actually served a cocktail instead of a shot in a cordial glass for $9.
    We loved the menu and decided to order the stuffed French toast, sweet potato pancakes, smoked char and the spiced sausage, smoked bacon & eggs. Of course, it was only 12:30pm and they were already out of French toast. This was yet another sign this train was about to wreck my brunch. The sweet potato pancake impostor arrived at the table. It’s really just miniature sweet potato latkes and crème fraiche juice that sat under a heat lamp. On top of trickery- they were also burnt.
    Then arrived the smoked char…cute…someone decided to put little smoked pieces of salted char on top of grilled plums and those sweet potato latkes. Now out comes the spiced sausage, smoked bacon and eggs with the cheese grits. Yes! I’m getting excited. UNTIL…a nice family plate from Denny’s shows up. Yes folks, these people stole the regular nasty breakfast plate from Denny’s, put it on our table, and charged us $11 for it. I’ve had better bacon at local carry-outs and the mushed cornmeal they call grits was disrespectful. Not to mention their Whole Foods sausage.
    People- don’t get tricked. If you like pig and want someone to make it for you…you’re better off ANYwhere else but here.